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Cable ID Printer Mk2600 / Mk1500

cost performance difference comes out so as to use

Reduce the running cost of the ribbon cassette

Consumption cost of the ribbon cassette series of Mk 0.17 just $ 10mm per ※ . In comparison with the printer other similar manufacturers, I realized the low cost of less than half. The more you use it, the difference will appear in the total cost.


Reduce the waste of printing member, efficient use of consumables

Mk series eliminates as much as possible the waste of printing member. Tip is small, the rear end is lost. Because it can be used efficiently consumables, and will help to long-term cost savings.


Best-in-class ※ speed and printing precision of

Even if the marking tube of mass is needed as soon as possible, the fastest class 40mm / second tube as a portable printer type if Mk series of high-speed printing ※ The high-speed printing. In addition to output is smooth from the setting of the print media, I greatly improves the work efficiency of the total.


I realize the printing beautiful rich material

In marking the traditional tape and by the built-in tag, you may print disappears in the heat and rubbing. Mk series adopts a thermal transfer system with excellent weather resistance. Print high-quality can be tape or tube, on the label.



I can print directly on PVC round tube on the market. The finish is so beautiful high precision printing, management efficiency will increase. The Mk2500, inner diameter 2.5mm ~ 6.5mm, Mk1500 can be printed up to the thickness of the inner diameter 2.5mm ~ 5.2mm.


Heat shrinkable tube

I cope with the heat shrink tubing on the market. It is possible to identify without after printing, even shrink the tubing with heat, or disappear characters or blurring.


Marking plate

By using the attachment option also supports printing on a commercially available marking plate. I can be set up to 2 ~ 150mm the print width. I can be diverted to the tube to create print data. In addition, I can prevent the displacement of the continuous-long printing in the printing correction function.
support only Mk2500※



Label for pasting into other devices switchboard is also printable. Minimum 1.3mm font ※ Because I can print from, ability to respond in the field is different.
1.3 mm font support only Mk2500.※


Wrap-around tape

Since the transparent laminate to protect the printing surface, you do not have to worry about character disappears. In the tape type, I wound to cable connector already attached.


4mmID strip

Sleeve attached to the cable ※ The use Insert the strip to 4mmID, possible maintenance of cable marking while it is still connected to the cable terminal. We do not have to worry to not interfere with the power, damage the cable.

※Please use the ones that are commercially available sleeve.
※(yellow) has been discontinued 4mmID strip.


The high-precision print with advanced correction function (only Mk2600)

To create a register plate fitted to the length of the terminal block is a thing difficult unexpectedly. It is equipped with advanced correction function in Mk2600. Correction of length, so that can be specified in units of 0.01%, I can prevent the displacement of the continuous-long printing.

※The actual value correction will be an approximation of a multiple of 0.085mm.


And flexible to the needs of the site

The ability to fine-tune the display, label and mark tube adapted to the target marking can be created.


Compatible with hiragana, kanji symbol input

I can choose the input mode of the three "wonder", "alphanumeric" and "Roman alphabet". Input symbols, Kanji conversion of kana characters can be.


Enabling continuous / serial number printed

You can print repeat a specified number of times the same character, you can print more number automatically. We do not need any tedious glue numbering work.
※maximum possible value of the serial number printing is one digit "9" "99", is Mk1500 Mk2600 two digits.


Rich display pattern

Display of size and spacing of the characters of course, framework, 3-line display ※ 1 , vertical / horizontal write switching ※ 2 I can use the various functions, such as underscore display.

※ 3 line printed Available only Mk2600 specify character size 1.3mm, full-width alphanumeric.
※ vertical side write printed, corresponding only Mk2600.


Smooth detach the Auto cut function]

I can easily cut by hand cut because it contains the tube that has been printed. Set to "all off", "half-cut" and "the presence or absence of cut line printing" is possible.


Characters are easy to read in bright LCD display

Character is easy to see in (160 × 64 dots) and graphic display with bright LCD.


Can type display and remaining amount display of the ribbon cassette

Type display and remaining amount display of the ribbon cassette is available on the display. The cumulative number of distance printing machine body, display of cutter cumulative number of operations is also possible


Printable putting. Excellent mobility "carrying bag"

We offer a carrying bag convenient to carry dedicated to the site. I protect it from scratches and dust the equipment in the urethane. In addition, the possible use remain housed, is printing. I will support the work efficiency and smooth space-saving.

※such as consumables and cable ID printer main body of in pictures are not included.


(Only Mk2600) PC can be connected via USB

The ability to transfer data via PC connection with USB, data input large amounts of very convenient. Reads, in addition to the original existing files, a CSV file that you created in Microsoft Excel and also possible. Cooperation with CAD further. I will greatly save time of field work. (PC connection using the included kit)

※support OS: Windows 7 SP1 (32bit/64bit), Windows Vista SP2 (32bit), Windows XP SP3 (32bit)

(Only Mk2600) adopted a keyboard that is easy to input

The Mk2600, I have adopted the laptop keyboard type. Efficiency of the character input is absolutely different.

※Mk1500 is a rubber keyboard.


Printing from minimum 1.3mm font (only Mk2600) possible

From minimum 1.3mm font printing em alphanumeric. Ability to respond in the field is different.

To solve the problems of those looking for a marker tube tube printer!

Marking work of wiring essential to maintenance of production equipment electrical equipment and van production · LAN wiring and plant construction. On the label or tube to be attached to the cable, cable ID printers Mk2600/Mk1500 is a marker dedicated tube that can be printed and signal name. Printing, such as marking plate and mark tube also print vividly and fast.
I realize the cable marking smart.

Basic information

  • Mk2600
  • Product Code: 3382B022
  • Mk1500
  • Product Code: 3230B017


cost performance difference comes out so as to use

The functions that can be printed without waste or ribbon cassette low consumption cost, to the rear end of the tube. You can reduce the cost of creating mark tube.

It supports rich material

Marking plate and (commercially available PVC tube / heat shrinkable tube) Tube ※ a variety of materials, labels, and wrap-around tape, you can print the beautiful characters and symbols.

The PC connection kit supplied, convenient data input large amounts of

It is possible to transfer data by connecting to PC with USB, it is convenient for data input of a large amount. Reads, in addition to the original existing files, files in CSV format is also available.

Product Name Item Code Remark
Marking Strip(9.5MM X 1000MM) MS-951 10 Length/Pack

Wrap Around Tape

Transparent laminate covers the printed surface – no need to worry about friction wearing away letters. Width:8-150mm. Length of printed text can vary according to different use.


Direct printing on commercially available round tubes (inner diameter: 2.5 to 6.5 mm*) is possible. High-quality clear and crisp printing ensures high management efficiency. * The M-1Std.III is compatible with 2.5 mm to 5.2 mm diameter cables.


By inserting a 4-mm ID strip in the sleeve attached on the cable, the cable marking can be changed without disconnecting the cable from the terminal. There is no risk of interfering with conduction and damaging the cable.
* Use commercially available sleeves.

Label tapes

Characters can be printed on the labels to be affixed to the devices at distribution boxes. Characters can be printed from a minimum of 1.3 mm font size*, which is extremely useful for various applications at work sites.
* Mk2600 only

Marking Strip

Using an optional plate attachment allows you to print characters on commercially available marking strips. The print length can be set to 2 mm through 150 mm and it can be adjusted in step of 0.01%. The created data can also be used for tube printing.
* The actual adjustment value is an approximation of a multiple of 0.085 mm.

Clear Printing at Low Temperatures

Tube Warmer

Transparent laminate covers the printed surface – no need to worry about friction wearing away letters. Width:8-150mm. Length of printed text can vary according to different use.

Smooth Feeding of Tube

Tube Feeder

The tube feeder steadily feeds a tube to the printer from the reel so that the tube does not get tangled.
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